NPS Field Experimentation Team


Gerald Scott

Scotty has been interested in technology innovation and experimentation as long as he can remember. This interest probably stemmed from his habit of completely disassembling his toys the day after Christmas to see how they worked. Eventually he figured out how to put them back together again, then quickly started to make them better. As a "grown-up" Scotty continues to enjoy tinkering, making, bending, and home-brewing just about anything from high-power generator-based bicycle lights and single-chip computers, to basement robotics, and yes, beer.
Scotty is a retired Army Information Operations officer. After the typical rotation of deployments for an IO officer, Scotty spent the last several years on The Joint Staff, analyzing and developing recommendations for the application of emerging technologies. Specific areas of development in this assignment included special technical capabilities, multi-level security network architecture, interagency collaboration procedures, and UAV and space system integration in support of ground operations.
Scotty is a graduate of NPS, writing his Master's thesis on the technical, social, and bureaucratic aspects of interagency coordination for Homeland Security. Scotty is also aspiring to be a PhD Candidate in the NPS Information Sciences Department. His current research interests include collaborative, self-organizing system design, web-based multi-level security architecture, and field data collection techniques.

Carl Oros

Carl Oros is an Information Sciences (IS) doctoral student, Research Associate, and faculty in the Department of Information Sciences. His research and teaching interests include wireless networking, tactical wireless LANs, and operator-centric information architectures that support the C2 communication of valuable bits to the lowest tactical level. As a Principle Investigator, he has managed several USMC sponsored tactical wireless research projects and has been actively involved in the NPS-USSOCOM Cooperative Field Research Program since 2004. Carl is a retired Marine Corps CH-53E assault support helicopter pilot and holds a Master of Science Degree in Information Technology Management (NPS, 2004), a Masters in Military Studies (USMC Command & Staff College, 2000), and a BA in Geophysics (Univ. of Chicago, 1986). He has been published in the handbook of research on Complex Dynamic Process Management, and the Command & Control Research Program (CCRP) and AFCE-George Mason University (GMU) Critical Issues in C4 symposia.

Mike Clement

When he's not overcoming his fear of heights or being swept out to sea, Mike explores new ways of monitoring and measuring networks in the face of challenging operating conditions.
Mike received his B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Humanities from Seattle University in 2004. While there, he engaged in research projects ranging from programming particle and fluid physics simulations on a Beowulf cluster, to analyzing attack trends against his own home network, to exploring counter-hacking as a means of protecting organization's networks.
Since then, Mike has worked and studied at NPS. He served as the lead network engineer for the TNT experiments from 2006-2011, and continues to be interested in novel applications of network technology in unusual domains. Mike has also contributed to research focused on networked unmanned systems, in particular UAVs that leverage higher-level autonomy and a rich network interface to enable untrained operators to task the sensor without worrying about the details of flying the aircraft.
Mike received his M.S. in Information Technology Management from NPS in 2007 and at present is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science. Outside of work, he prefers indoor rock climbing and freediving in Monterey Bay over going to the gym, and contributes to the morale of the team through brewing beer.

Ramsey Meyer

With a life-long interest in computers and technology, Ramsey grew up pushing every button within reach. He graduated with distinction from Occidental College in 2004 with an A.B. in History and a senior thesis on the propaganda value of the Volkswagen and Autobahn in pre-World War II Nazi Germany. Ramsey has worked as a web developer, a project manager for a software startup and a project manager at a startup mobile instant messaging company.
In 2009 Ramsey joined a research group at the Naval Postgraduate School, studying communication equipment for deployment in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief situations. While working as a Research Associate, Ramsey studied and completed the Information Technology Management program at the Naval Postgraduate School, finishing his Master of Science degree in 2011. Ramsey currently works on several technology-related special projects within the NPS Field Experimentation program.
When he's not in front of a computer, Ramsey enjoys all things active in life. He is an avid cyclist, mountaineer, hiker, climber, and SCUBA diver. He has climbed several beautiful peaks, including Mount Rainier in Washington, Mount Shasta and Mount Whitney in California, and Pico de Orizaba in Mexico.

Tristan Allen

Receiving his master's degree from NPS in 2011, Tristan has worked with the NPS field experimentation team since September of 2010. Working primarily on the JIFX event, Tristan's research interests include humanitarian assistance & disaster relief, post-conflict stabilization, operational civil-military relations, and sub-Saharan Africa.

NPS Field Experimentation Interns


Frances MacKinnon

Frances is a senior Mechanical Engineering major at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. In addition to her participation as an Air Force ROTC cadet at Howard University, Frances spends the rest of her copious free time as a captain of the CUA Steel Bridge Team and writing various articles for CUA's school newspaper, The Tower. Frances has participated in various organizations on campus, including Alpha Phi Omega, the Society of Women Engineers, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. After commissioning in May of 2014 as an officer in the Air Force, Frances intends to pursue graduate work and make the world a better place.

Kaity Duffy

Kaity is a senior at Northeastern University, where she is studying towards a B.S. in Chemistry and Political Science. Her interests include topics concerning national and international security, as well as the forensic sciences. As a part of the co-op program at Northeastern, Kaity has interned with both the public and private sectors in Washington, D.C., Hawaii, and New York City. She also spent five weeks in the summer of 2012 studying disarmament diplomacy and humanitarian action in Geneva, Switzerland.

NPS Field Experimentation Alumnae


Marianna Jones

Marianna Jones is a Research Associate and has been employed at NPS since 2003. She went to Monterey High School and eventually gained a bachelor's degree from CSU Long Beach. After college she returned to the Monterey Bay and began simultaneously working at NPS and taking Master's level classes. Marianna graduated with her Master's Degree in the Information Sciences Department from NPS in December 2006. She worked for the Field Experimentation Program beginning mid-2004.

Nelly Turley

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's in Social Anthropology, Nelly set sail across the Atlantic and around Europe on the full rigged ship, HMS Bounty. This further cemented her interests in maritime studies and international relations. She graduated from NPS with a Masters in National Security Affairs, Defense Decision Making and Planning. Nelly has been a part of the TNT and RELIEF field experimentation since the summer of 2010. When not writing technical reports or driving HMMWVs at Camp Roberts, Nelly is cycling, racing triathlons, or skydiving.