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The mission of the DoD Information Operations Center for Research is to provide graduate-level IO education, facilitate the exploration of new IO concepts, conduct research and analysis, and support relevant field experimentation.


The Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (OUSD-P) is the sponsor of the DoD IO Center for Research.


DoD IOCR Briefing: This briefing provides a short overview of the DoD IOCR and the associated curriculum.






Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only.  Other than activities conducted by or sponsored by DoD, DON, other military departments, or the DoD IOCR, inclusion in this website does not imply advocacy or sponsorship of any of the posted activities, publications, or programs.

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Photo banner showing operational IO applications

The DoD IOCR exists to:

  • advance the goal of information operations as a core military competency
  • support the DoD commitment to transform our military capabilities
  • provide avenues for research for information operations asymmetric warfare, combatting terrorism, and unconventional thought


This website is meant to serve as both a source of information on the DoD IOCR at NPS itself, and a source of information on IO education, training, and research being conducted DoD-wide and elsewhere. Those interested in knowing "who is doing what" in IO can use this site as a "one-stop shopping" source.

If there are additional resources not found on this site, or for any suggested corrections/changes, please advise the website manager: InfoIOC@nps.edu

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New or Coming Soon


Dominating Duffer's Domain Book Cover

Dominating Duffer's Domain: Lessons for the 21st-Century Information Operations Practitioner.

  • Added to "DoD-Wide Published Works," "Other/Civilian Authors & Organizations" section on this website.
  • This Rand "report" for OSD is written in the style and tradition of an important military teaching text: The Defence of Duffer's Drift. Dominating Duffer's Domain follows the style of its inspiration by using narrative to show what not to do, followed by a demonstration of the correct application of principles, in a simplistic, satirical, and humorous style, as a compelling and sound teaching method. The booklet does for information operations (IO) what the original did for defensive tactics: effectively communicates timeless principles while also persuading readers of "the tragic results of ignoring such principles."
  • The DoD IO Center for Research staff strongly endorses this booklet for anyone who doesn't know the importance and necessity of integrating IO into operations. It is a quick, concise, entertaining, and informative read.


JIFX photo of mini-uav toss launch




Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) 17-1


Army Press Call for Papers

The Army Press: Call for Papers

  • The Information Domain: Synchronizing Information Related Capabilities to Win in a Complex World
  • Director of the Army U.S Army Information Operations Proponent Office, on behalf of the Commanding General, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center
  • Submissions must be received by 6 October 2016
  • For more infomation visit https://armypress.dodlive.mil/call-for-papers


AOC CEMA Conference

Cyber Electromagnetic Activity 2016


Military Cyber Affairs Call for Papers




Military Cyber Affairs: Call for papers

  • Military Cyber Affairs (MCA) seeks unclassified, scholarly papers addressing issues of importance in all areas related to the conduct of military cyber operations. MCA is a peer-reviewed professional journal published biannually by the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA).  MCA provides a multidisciplinary forum for scholarship and discussion of cybersecurity, cyber defense and cyber operations and their military implications, drawing from the fields of intelligence, engineering, information technology, law, policy, and others.
  • For information go to http://public.milcyber.org/activities/journal/authors


CyCon 2016

CyCon U.S.


5th Annual AOC Pacific Conference

5th Annual AOC Pacific Conference