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CRUSER Funded Research

CRUSER has funding to support NPS Faculty research focused on any aspect of unmanned systems/robotics related research.  Researchers are selected based upon presentations at our spring Technical Continuum (TechCon) or our annual Call for Proposals.  Proposals that support concepts from our current innovation thread are encouraged, but all research related to unmanned systems or robotics will be considered.

The graphic below depicts CRUSER funding per NPS Dept. from inception (FY12) to present (FY17).

CRUSER Funded Research by Dept. (FY12-17)


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FY17 Funded Research Proposals



Dr. Paul Beery, Dr. Eugene Paulo, RADM (Ret.) Rick Williams

Investigation of Requirements and Capabilities of Next Generation Mine Warfare (MIW) Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)

Prof. Alex Bordetsky     Multi-Domain  Mesh Network of Short Appearance Unmanned Nodes

Dr. Doug Horner

Alternative PNT for Persistent Undersea Navigation

Dr. Doug Horner, Mr. Aurelio Monarrez

Arctic Scan Eagle

Prof. David Jenn

UAV EM Sensors for Spectrum Sensing and Propagation Environment Assessment

Prof. Kevin Jones, Prof. Vladimir Dobrokhodov, Dr. Doug Horner

Cooperative Underwater Sensing with Aqua-Quad

Prof. Kevin Jones, Prof. Qing Wang

Low-Cost Expendable UAS with Application to  Low Altitude Atmospheric Measurements - Phase II

Distinguished Prof. Gamani Karunasiri, Dr. Fabio Alves

Bio-inspired MEMS acoustic sensor for robotic autonomous systems applications

Prof. Mark Nissen

C2 Design for Asymmetric Advantage: Teams of Autonomous Systems & People

Prof. R. C. Olsen

Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion from Autonomous Platforms with 3D Modeling

Prof. Ric Romero, Prof. Phillip Pace Network Enabled Digital Swarm Image Synthesis (NEDSIS)
Dr. Preetha Thulasiraman Study of Security Primitives for the Robot Operating System (ROS) of UAV Swarms
Prof. Qing Wang Autonomous Wave Glider Based Measurements and Analyses In Support of Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMW)
Prof. Oleg Yakimenko Vision-Based Navigation and Guidance for Swarm UAS
Prof. Oleg Yakimenko Prototyping of Air-Launched Fast Recon UAS
Distinguished Prof. Xiaoping Yun, Dr. James Calusdian Optimal Trajectory Generation for Small Drones Used as Micro Interceptors
Prof. Isaac Kaminer, Sean Kragelund Closing the Experimental Gap in the Search and MCM Communities
Prof. Joseph T. Klamo & Young W. Kwon Investigation of unsteady hydrodynamic loads on a UUV during near surface operations 
Prof. Susan M. Sanchez, Prof. Thomas W. Lucas Innovations in unmanned technologies for humanitarian assistance, nonlethal weapons, and more