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CRUSER Funded Research

CRUSER has funding to support NPS Faculty research focused on any aspect of unmanned systems/robotics related research.  Researchers are selected based upon presentations at our spring Technical Continuum (TechCon) or our annual Call for Proposals.  Proposals that support concepts from our current innovation thread are encouraged, but all research related to unmanned systems or robotics will be considered.

The graphic below depicts CRUSER funding per NPS Dept. from inception (FY12) to present (FY18).

CRUSER Funded Research by Dept. (FY12-18)


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FY18 Funded Research Proposals (pdf)



Dr.'s Brian Bingham & Preetha Thulasiraman ROS 2: Cyber Security and Network Robustness for Robotics

Dr. Dan Boger, Mr. Scott Miller

Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) for Marine Fire Teams

Prof. Alex Bordetsky    

Short-Living Nodes and Links for Littoral  Mesh Networking

Dr.'s Dwayne Davis, Kevin Jones & CDR Kathleen Giles

Aerial Swarm Behavior Development in Support of USMC Training

Dr. Doug Horner

Adaptive Submodularity for Mixed-Initiative UxV Network Control Systems

Dr.'s Kevin Jones & Dwayne Davis

Swarm Future Platforms

Dist. Prof.Gamani Karunasiri & Dr. Fabio Alves

Bio-inspired MEMS acoustic sensor for robotic autonomous systems applications

Dr. Mollie McGuire

The Decision to Rely on Automation Under Stress: The Debut Experimentation Effort for the Human Cognition and Automation Lab

Mr. Aurelio Monarrez & Dr. Sean Kragelund

Cooperative Autonomous ScanEagle

Prof. Jim Newman

Development of Autonomous, Optimized Capabilities for MC3

Prof. Mara Orescanin

Simultaneous visual and IR UAV imaging of littoral systems for AI driven change detection

Prof.'s Phillip Pace & Ric Romero Network Enabled Digital Swarm Image Synthesis (NEDSIS) Phase 2
Dr.'s Susan Sanchez & Tom Lucas Data Farming Explorations of the Tactics and Benefits of Unmanned Systems and Unmanned-Manned Teaming
Prof.'s Kevin Smith & Vlad Dobrokhodov Acoustic Vector Sensing from Novel Autonomous Systems Using Light-Weight, Low-Power Data Acquisition Systems
Prof. Preetha Thulasiriaman Study of Cybersecurity Requirements for the Military Robot Operating System (ROS-M) using ROS 2.0 on Unmanned Aerial Networks
Prof. Oleg Yakimenko Mission Planning in Support of SAR Operations Involving Heterogeneous UxSs