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Student Information

New Student Information

The Welcome Aboard Letter (pdf) will guide you through the expectations and procedures of your graduate education tour.

NAVPGSCOLINST 1520.1K (pdf) is the governing instruction for administration and management of both the CIVINS and LEP fully-funded graduate education programs.

Please familiarize yourself with the Welcome Aboard Letter, the instruction, as well as the following forms and requirements:

  1. Educational Plan (EP) (Opens in a new window)
  2. EFT Information Sheet
  3. Reimbursements
  4. Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) Student Top 10 Need to Know… (Opens in a new window)

*Note regarding tuition payments and registration*

REIMBURSEMENT NOTICE: The CIVINS Program DOES NOT reimburse for textbooks, course materials, parking or transportation

Due to the payment mechanism in place and the general sequence of events, it is not uncommon for students to receive either statements of account or past due notices. Please forward such notices to your Educational Technician so that they may ensure you remain in good standing.

Graduated Student Information

After you have completed your program there are just a couple final things needed from you:

  1. Final Transcript/Thesis
  2. Feedback on Quality of Education
  3. Reimbursements

Educational Skill Requirements (ESR's)
Your curriculum will be evaluated against a set of Educational Skill Requirements (ESR) for the subspecialty you hope to attain. If the two are comparable, you may have already earned a P-Code, meaning you have a Master's Degree meeting all the Navy's requirements for a "Proven" subspecialty. If your courses do not match you will receive information as to what additional course work is needed for you to earn a P-Code.

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Educational Plans

The Educational Plan (EP) will be the document by which we verify your course enrollments against our university invoices. After the completion of each term you have two options by which to submit your grades. You can (a) populate your EP with the grades and resubmit to the office, or (b) you can submit an official grade report from the university.

After completion by the student and signature of the academic advisor, this form should be routed to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for your community. If you are unsure of your SME please contact our office.

Until we receive your completed and approved EP we cannot pay for your tuition. You may be liable for the payment, and any claims for reimbursement may be deferred. If your EP is unable to be completely forecasted out, you will need to submit a revised EP once courses have been identified.

Educational Plan and Subject Matter Expert (SME) (pdf)

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Before we will process ANY paperwork we need you to provide us with your EFT information. This will be our first source of contact information. A faxed or emailed copy will suffice. Our mailing address, phone number and email address are at the bottom of the main page.

Fillable EFT (pdf)

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Transcripts and Thesis

Upon graduation you must ensure that an official transcript, with degree and date conferred, and course descriptions are forwarded to this office. Your subspecialty code and degree cannot be awarded without these transcripts and course descriptions. Electronically certified official transcripts are acceptable and should be submitted to the respective Educational Technician.

Where applicable, students should submit one electronic copy of their thesis project to this office via the respective Educational Technician.

Mailing Address

Director of Civilian Institutions Program (Code 031A)
Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle, Herrmann Hall Rm HE046
Monterey, CA 93943-5033

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Feedback on Quality of Education

An end of tour feedback letter is required from each Officer Student to help assess the overall quality, strengths and weaknesses of the respective program. Please submit your Feedback directly to your Educational Technician.

Sample Feedback (pdf)

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Claims for Reimbursement


You may submit your Claims for Reimbursement (SF1164) once you make contact and begin working with your respective CIVINS Ed Tech. However, please note that claims will not be processed until after you begin instruction.

Thesis Costs. Naval Postgraduate School, (Code 031A), requires that officer students submit one electronic copy of final thesis to the Civilian Institutions Programs Office, either by electronic email or by sending a Compact Disc to the office. Formerly reimbursements were limited to the cost of final thesis preparation and reproduction; however, because an electronic copy is required no thesis preparation fees are reimbursable.

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Up to three (3) university application fees
  • Up to three (3) transcript requests for application to universities
  • GRE/GMAT score report
  • Thesis/graduation fees charged by the university (if unable to be included in tuition invoice)
  • Final transcript for NPS.
  • If your university requires a tuition seat deposit you may be reimbursed if the university applies the funds to your tuition.
  • Law Education Program Students (LEP) are authorized reimbursement for one BAR Review course.
  • CEC students are authorized reimbursement for the PE Review Course through their CEC Program Managers and Naval Facilities Headquarters
  • Graduation/Thesis fees (if mandatory)

NOTE: The CIVINS office does not reimburse for GRE or GMAT. However. the procedure to get these exams paid for can be found through your Navy College Office (DANTES Voucher) or on the DANTES website: GRE or GMAT Test Reimbursement Request Form: http://www.dantes.doded.mil/_content/exams_reimbursement_form.pdf#zoom=100.

To find the nearest college office for signature on your GRE or GMAT Test Reimbursement Form go to: https://www.navycollege.navy.mil/ncp/findnco.aspx.

Note from PSD Monterey: Keep ALL ORIGINAL receipts for which you expect to submit a claim as you will be required to submit these same originals for reimbursement. If you have lost your original receipt please include the Memorandum of Lost Receipt.

Fillable SF1164 (pdf) Sample SF1164 (pdf) Fillable Memorandum of Receipt (pdf)

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Contact Information

Director of Civilian Institutions Program (Code 522)

Naval Postgraduate School
Bldg. 232, Spanagel 437
1 University Circle, Herrmann Hall Rm HE046
Monterey, CA 93943-5033

On campus: Herrmann Hall Basement, Room 046