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Labtainer Pre-built Virtual Machine Images

While Labtainers can be installed and used on any Linux host, e.g., VM, that supports Docker containers, we have also pre-packaged VM images for those students or instructors who wish to use an existing VM, and thus avoid the step of installing Linux.  The images have Docker and the Labtainer framework pre-installed.

The user ID for these VMs is "student".  The password is "password123".


VirtualBox VM Appliance

Directions: Start VirtualBox, and then: File / Import Appliance / LabtainerVM-VirutalBox.ova

VMWare VM Appliance

Directions: Sart VMWare, and then: File / Open / LabtainerVM-VMWare.ova

After downloading, installing and booting the virtual machine, refer to the REAME file in the home directory for instructions to run labs.  And please refer to the Labtainer Student Guide.