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Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Academic Affairs Homepage

In this area, you will find important information about Academic Programs and Administrative and Support Services. The site will be updated regularly, so check back with us! Please send comments and suggestions on the site to Jhoie Pasadilla at jpasadilla@nps.edu.

Academic Affairs is the principal organization, under the President and Provost, responsible for oversight and coordination of the university's graduate education and academic programs. In that role, the goals of Academic Affairs are to:

  • Provide educational strategy, academic policy, administrative oversight, operational coordination, program analysis and education service support for NPS graduate education and academic programs.
  • Promote continuous improvement and assure the quality and relevance of NPS graduate education programs.
  • Support and facilitate institutional accreditation, academic policy, program review, faculty and instructional development, and educational assessment.
  • Facilitate ongoing operational excellence in the business, administrative and support areas that relate to academic/program planning and academic resource coordination, academic support services (e.g., registrar, admissions, scheduling, student systems), and distributed learning delivery support that relate directly to this NPS strategic goal.

Academic Affairs Annual Report & Strategic Plan

This annual document reports on Academic Affairs’ mission, principal functions and activities, departments, resourcing, prior year accomplishments, and coming year initiatives.

Academic Administration

The office of Academic Administration encompasses Admissions, Registrar, Scheduling, Python, and administrative support of the Academic Council.

The Center for Educational Design, Development, and Distribution (CED3)

CED3 uses its expertise in instructional design, media development/production, marketing/communications, student services and administrative services to support resident and non-resident instructional programs.

Director of Programs

The Programs Office has two functional areas in Residential Programs and Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) Programs.

Faculty Development

Faculty receive guidance and support in their application of the principles of learning, effective course development, pedagogy, and the use of methods and technologies to improve instruction.

Faculty Management & Administration (Academic Planning)

Academic Planning supports NPS leadership, administrators, and faculty in planning and managing NPS faculty and academic financial and human resources.

Institutional Research, Reporting and Analysis (IRRA)

IRRA's responsibilities include management of educational effectiveness through program review, and assessments, as well as managing accreditation. IRRA also provides a portfolio of systematic reports and analysis to facilitate effective decision making, resourcing, and management of academic progress internally.