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Qatari Delegation Explores NPS, International Programs
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Victoria Ochoa

Qatari Delegation Explores NPS, International Programs

By MC2 Victoria Ochoa

A group of senior Qatari military leadership visited NPS, Aug. 8-10, for an introduction to the university and its International Graduate Programs Office. Representatives from different schools and curricula provided informational briefings to the delegates on several programs of study offered to international military students.

"There are opportunities available here to mix courses so that you can derive a very tailored program that will fit your individual needs," said Dr. Mohamed Hafez, Chair of NPS' Department of National Security Affairs. "Our programs do involve a lot of reading, and it's a very intensive process. With that said, we do have a lot of support set in place, particularly for our international students."

The International Graduate Programs Office (IGPO) is responsible for the cultural, social and academic integration of international students and their families at NPS.

"The International Student office provides a place where any international student that may have a question can go and get their questions answered, and to get help if they need it," said Col. Bruce Sweeney, NPS Foreign Area Officer Chair.

NPS has built a set of unique programs to ease international students transitioning into the school, as well as the culture and living conditions here in Monterey.

"The writing program that we have here was developed for U.S. students, however, we found it to be very useful for the international students as well. It just works for everybody," added Sweeney.

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