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Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента

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Email Accounts

Email, which is provided through Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access, as well as with our internal bulk email application, enables greater means of communication with the NPS campus, whether on or off site.

Email is central to business at NPS, and is one of the most important services that ITACS supports. Please find information below that may help you understand and/or get assistance with email issues.If you have any questions, contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC).


For Self Service email help on Windows computer, please visit the Wiki here: https://wiki.nps.edu/display/TAC/Email+Support

For Self Service email help on Apple computer, please visit the Wiki here: https://wiki.nps.edu/display/TAC/E-mail


To submit a bulk email request please  Sign In


Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента

Bulk Email Communications

Bulk Email is the NPS Enterprise distribution of mass communication to various groups across campus. Bulk messages must be approved by the Chief of Staff prior to release. Outgoing messages are digitally signed as "bulkmail@nps.edu" which provides an additional level of trust that the email originated from an official source on campus. If the message is deemed inappropriate for mass distribution, there may be a distribution group available to you within Microsoft Exchange that can be sent from your NPS mailbox account. The following information is required from the requester of bulk email requests:


  1.  Audience: Who will receive the email (See distribution list below)
  2.  Location: Whether the message should be sent to persons who reside on campus, off campus, or both
  3.   Real Name of Sender: The name of the sender's sponsoring organization/group (i.e. "MWR" or "Registrar" or "NSA Monterey")
  4.   Subject: The e-mail's subject line that will initially be read by recipients
  5.   Message: Full text body of the e-mail message, along with supporting documents that may need to be included


(See Email Distribution Groups)