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The template contains the pages and styles you need to format your paper. If you are new to the template, please watch the thesis brief. If you still have questions, contact a thesis processor. Microsoft Word must be version 2013 or later (or Mac equivalent). The template functions best with Word 2016, so we recommend downloading that version. Download Microsoft Office, which contains Word, here. We do not recommend, however, upgrading versions in the middle of writing of your thesis. If you do, please follow the compatibility settings carefully before upgrading.

Do not use Word Online or Word apps to create your thesis. These programs are likely to severely change your formatting.


Publicador de conteúdo web Publicador de conteúdo web

Publicador de conteúdo web Publicador de conteúdo web

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Upload completed forms to your SharePoint site. All forms marked "required" must be present in order for your thesis processor to begin your Final Review.

Electronic and hand signatures accepted; scan form if hand signatures are used.

For Thesis, MBA, JAP, Capstone

For Dissertation

This form tells us whom to share your thesis with after it is cataloged by the NPS library and the Defense Technical Information Center. The data in this form will be used to create your publication announcement, which will be emailed one month after graduation to the recipients you specify. The letter will include a link to your thesis in the NPS online catalog.


Marines must include these email addresses.


Click here if your thesis is Unrestricted (public release)

Click here if your thesis is Restricted

You may check the boxes manually or electronically.


Page i of your paper. Do not remove this page from your thesis or submit it as a separate form (it remains inside the thesis). Here are instructions for filling it out.

Publicador de conteúdo web Publicador de conteúdo web

Choose your template

If you have trouble viewing a hyperlink inside the template, copy and paste the URL into your browser or go directly to the document on our website.

The templates for classified theses can be downloaded inside the secure labs. The templates are also available on our classified guidance page.


Note: The last signer on your title page must match the name in the "chair" signature box of your Thesis Release Form. Your final signer may be the Dean, Associate Dean, or Academic Associate; see your advisor or ed tech for direction.

Caution: Follow the instructions on page 1 of the template carefully to avoid formatting problems in your capstone report.

Download Template

SE Writing Manual

Steep learning curve—for the technically inclined only. Basic to intermediate coding skill is required, and processors are unable to provide formatting help.


Download LaTeX template here



LaTeX formatting FAQ

Crash course in LaTeX and tutorials

The template comes packaged with a BibTeX tool; the code for each entry type is shown in more detail here.