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The mission of the Computer Science department is to provide relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of the U.S. and Allied armed forces.

Focus Areas

  • Produce US and Allied Officers who use computational processes to analyze and design solutions of complex problems
  • Focal areas in CS:
    • Network & Mobile Wireless Security
    • Information Security & Assurance
    • Cyber Systems and Operations
    • MOVES
    • Autonomous Systems
    • Big Data Computing, Analysis, and Mining
    • Software Engineering
  • 80% students from non-CS backgrounds; all graduate with full MS

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Degree-Granting Programs

  • MS in Computer Science & MOVES
  • PhD in Computer Science & MOVES
  • Master of Computing Technology (DL only)

Graduate Certificate Programs (Resident & DL)

  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Cyber Security Defense
  • Cyber Security Adversarial Techniques
  • Info System Security Engineering

Time for MS + JPME

  • 18 months for recent BS, 24 months others

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World-Connected Faculty

  • Bret Michael: secure systems, cyber law
  • Ted Huffmire: secure hardware
  • Doron Drusinsky: system verification
  • Peter Denning: great principles, innovation
  • Cynthia Irvine: cyber security

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Labs and Facilities

  • Computer Information Security Lab
  • Public Key Infrastructure Laboratory
  • Forensics Exploitation Lab
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing Laboratory
  • SCIF labs and classrooms
  • MOVES labs and facilities

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Fast Facts

5  |  3  |  4

MS Degrees offered  |  PhD  |  DL


Technical Curricula

3  |  12

Centers  |  Labs




Graduating students from non-CS backgrounds

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Computer Science Department Contact Information


Computer Science Dept.
Glasgow Hall East, Building 305
1411 Cunningham Rd
Monterey, CA, 93943


Admin: 831.656.3389, DSN 756-
Program Office: 831.656.7980/7981, DSN 756-


Admin: 831. 656.2814, DSN 756-
Program Office:831.656.3681, DSN 756-


Glasgow Hall East, Bldg. 305, 3rd Floor, Room 311

The following email addresses can be reached using the '@nps.edu' suffix:

Chairman - CS_Chair
Program Officer - ProgramOfficer_CS
Computer Science Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_CS
Software Engineering Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_SE
Computer Science Search Committee - cssrch

Additional contact information is available for CS Department faculty members.