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Reporting Date (International)

Date: maaliskuu 18, 2018 to maaliskuu 18, 2018

International Students are to report back on Sunday, March 18, 2018.
Please visit Academic Calendar for upcoming dates or NPS Student homepage for Incoming, prospective, current and distance learning.

Pre-Graduation Awards Ceremony

Date: maaliskuu 20, 2018 to maaliskuu 20, 2018

The Winter 2018 Quarter Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.
For additional Information, please visit Graduation Schedule site.

Reporting Date

Date: maaliskuu 26, 2018 to maaliskuu 26, 2018

U.S. Students are to report back on Monday, March 26, 2017.
Please visit Academic Calendar for upcoming dates or NPS Student homepage for Incoming, prospective, current and distance learning.

Winter Quarter Graduation Ceremony

Date: maaliskuu 30, 2018 to maaliskuu 30, 2018
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: King Hall

The Naval Postgraduate School Winter Quarter Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, March 30, 2018.

The graduation streaming video will be available on March 30, 2018 shortly before the start of the ceremony. Please click here to watch the Graduation Ceremony - LIVE.

For dress uniform and more information, please visit the NPS Graduation site.

Instruction Begins for Spring Quarter 2018

Date: huhtikuu 2, 2018 to huhtikuu 2, 2018

Please visit NPS Students site for information on incoming students, current students, and prospective students.

Systems Engineering DL Program Applications Deadline

Date: huhtikuu 16, 2018 to huhtikuu 16, 2018

Systems Engineering Non-Resident Master’s Degree Programs Commencing Friday, 6 July 2018
Programs Delivered via Distance Learning

Open Enrollment Sponsor Codes: System of Systems focus (311-184O) or Systems Development focus (311-184P)

The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Department of Systems Engineering is pleased to announce the offering of two Systems Engineering Non-Resident Master’s degree distance learning programs commencing Friday, 6 July 2018. The programs are open to qualified uniformed officers, federal civilian employees and defense contractors.

The SE Non-Resident Master’s degree is a part-time distance learning program. Courses are offered synchronously using Blackboard Collaborate, a web-conferencing tool. Classes for Cohort 311-184O with System of Systems focus will be held on Fridays 0800-1100 and 1130-1430 Pacific Time and classes for Cohort 311-184P with Systems Development focus will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1100-1400 Pacific Time.  To use Blackboard Collaborate, students need Internet access and a PC microphone. A PC camera is optional. No special software is required for Blackboard Collaborate, which is compatible with the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet.

Students who successfully complete the program will earn either a Master of Science in Systems Engineering (provided they hold an ABET undergraduate engineering degree, or can establish equivalency) or a Master of Science in Engineering Systems (all others). Students also earn an NPS Systems Engineering Certificate and DAU equivalency for DAWIA training requirements of the Engineering (ENG) career field (ENG101, 202 and 301).

The tuition price is $2,250 per course for military officers, federal government civilians and defense contractors. Tuition prices may change from fiscal year to fiscal year, but will not change within a fiscal year. NPS is mission funded for qualified active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers (tuition free). Students or command representatives are expected to purchase their own books.  If NPS is required to provide textbooks, add $200 fixed price per course per student. Tuition letter with payment schedule is attached.

To apply
Applicants should visit the SE Non-Res website and under the Quick Links, select Apply Now. The SE Non-Resident Master’s Degree program is Curriculum 311. Candidates are applying for Academic Year 2018, Quarter 4 and should type the desired respective open enrollment sponsor code 311-184O or 311-184P in the Comments section of the application. A Participation Agreement signed by a Command/Company Authorizing official is required as well as a Command Support Agreement (MOA for Navy; DD1144 all others). The application deadline, which includes receipt of all official transcripts by the NPS Admissions Office, is 16 April 2018.


For more information, visit the program website.


Climate Security

Date: huhtikuu 26, 2018 to huhtikuu 26, 2018
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: Glasgow Hall

The April 26, 2018 National Security Affairs Global Connections Series lecture is titled “Climate Security” with Dr. Joshua Busby, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Busby will discuss the security consequences of climate change.

Dr. Joshua Busby is a Distinguished Scholar at the Strauss Center, a fellow with the RGK Center and a nonresident fellow with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Dr. Busby has published widely on climate change, global health, transnational advocacy movements and U.S. foreign policy for various think tanks and academic journals including International Security, International Studies Quarterly, Security Studies and Perspectives on Politics. His first book, “Moral Movements and Foreign Policy,” was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. Read more… (view bio)

The mission of the Department of National Security Affairs (NSA) is to deliver advanced education and research to promote the security of the United States and its allies, and enhance the effectiveness of the U.S. Navy. NSA brings an outstanding faculty of political scientists, historians, and economists together with students from all branches of the U.S. military, defense-related civilian agencies, and international officers in an engaging learning environment designed to deepen knowledge of regional and security affairs, while fostering critical thinking, intellectual independence, and a global perspective.

Please visit the Department of National Security Affairs site for more information.

Memorial Day

Date: toukokuu 28, 2018 to toukokuu 28, 2018

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May, remembering the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

For more on this holiday and others, please click here.

Systems Engineering DL Program Applications Deadline

Date: kesäkuu 15, 2018 to kesäkuu 15, 2018

Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management
Offered in Partnership with MIT Consortium for Leadership in Product Development for the 21st Century Commencing Monday, 10 September 2018
Program Delivered via Distance Learning

The Naval Postgraduate School Department of Systems Engineering is pleased to announce this year’s offering of the Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management (SEM) distance learning (DL) master’s degree program offered in partnership with MIT’s “Educational Consortium for Leadership in Product Development in the 21st Century” (PD21).  The SEM-PD21 program is a two-year, eight-quarter, part-time master’s degree program delivered in an executive format.  The September 2018-2020 class (Cohort 721-191) will commence with a two-week kickoff on campus in Monterey, CA. September 10–21, 2018.

The 2018-2020 class (Cohort 721-191) is limited to 30 students.  Each service sponsor (Army, Air Force, Navy) and defense contractors are allocated minimum of 5 seats. Any remaining open seats are available to service sponsors or the best qualified candidates from any DOD or federal agency.  The program is open to qualified uniformed officers, federal employees, and defense contractor civilians.  Qualified active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers may be eligible for NPS mission funding but the student or their command will be responsible to purchase books and pay for all associated travel.

Attached are the full program announcement, the curriculum lineup of courses, and the associated tuition letter.  Tuition must be collected before commencement of each class (see tuition letter for due dates and additional details).  A fully executed support agreement (MOA for Navy commands or DD1144 for all others) is required before a student can be officially enrolled in an NPS program.

The program is offered by distance learning over the Internet with a blended mix of synchronously delivered courses using COLLABORATE, an academic Internet web-conferencing tool, and asynchronously delivered courses using SAKAI, an online course management system.  Students attend a two-week kickoff on campus, a one-week industry trip each year, and a one-week graduation week.  For more information, visit the website below.

To apply, applicants should visit the SEM-PD21 website, select “Apply Now” in the Quick Links section.  Once in the NPS online application, select the 721 Curriculum, commencing timeframe is Academic Year 2019, Academic Quarter 1.

Applications accepted ONLINE through:  15 June 2018

Human Systems Integration DL Applications Deadline

Date: heinäkuu 2, 2018 to heinäkuu 2, 2018

Deadline for Application is July 2, 2018

The Naval Postgraduate School is pleased to announce open registration for the nation’s premier distance learning Master of Human Systems Integration (HSI) degree program and Human Systems Integration Certificate program. Both programs are open to all federal government employees (military and civilian) and to defense con-tractor employees (on a space available basis).

HSI Certificate Program
Program length is one year (four consecutive academic quarters, one course per quarter). Course delivery is asyn-chronous (with weekly assignments). Graduates earn the NPS HSI Certificate!

Master’s Degree in HSI Program
Program length is two years (eight consecutive academic quarters, two classes per quarter) with plans to have one synchronous and one asynchronous class per quarter. Graduates earn an HSI Certificate, the Master’s Degree in HSI, and DAU Course Credits!
Application Process for Both Programs:
To apply please visit
Program designators: HSI Certificate Program - 262; Master’s Degree in HSI - 359
For More Information
Visit websites:

HSI Certificate Program:
HSI Master’s Degree Program: