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Anatomy of Post-Communist European Defense Institutions
Author: Thomas-Durell Young
Dr. Thomas-Durell Young delves into the state of defense institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, whose resources have declined at a faster rate than their Western neighbors' due to social and fisc...

Taliban Narratives: The Use and Power of Stories in the Afghanistan Conflict
Author: Thomas Johnson
Why has the Taliban been so much more effective in presenting messages that resonate with the Afghan population than the United States, the Afghan government and their allies? This book, based on year...

Strategic Cyber Deterrence: The Active Cyber Defense Option
Author: Scott Jasper
According to the FBI, about 4000 ransomware attacks happen every day. In the United States alone, victims lost $209 million to ransomware in the first quarter of 2016. Even worse is the threat to crit...

Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate Security
Author: Robert E. Looney
An original contribution to our understanding of a phenomenon that is reshaping the world, this title thoroughly discusses the transformation of the energy security policy arena brought on by two dram...

The Peacebuilding Puzzle: Political Order in Post-Conflict States
Author: Naazneen H. Barma
Dr. Naazneen Barma's recent publication with Cambridge University Press, The Peacebuilding Puzzle, explains the disconnect between the formal institutional engineering undertaken by international...