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James Wirtz, Ph.D.

Dean of SIGS, Professor
International Relations Theory, Intelligence, Deterrence, Strategy, Security Studies
Hermann Hall-West, Room 414
(831) 656-3483

Mohammed M. Hafez, Ph.D.

Department Chair
National Security Affairs
Glasgow Hall, Room 319B
(831) 656-7660

Erik Dahl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Instruction, Academic Associate for PhD Security Studies
Intelligence, Terrorism, Homeland Security, IR Theory
Glasgow Hall, Room 356
(831) 656-3168

Christopher Twomey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Research, Director of CCC
International Relations, Asian Security, Chinese Foreign Policy, Strategic Deterrence
Glasgow Hall, Room 376
(831) 656-3543

Kenneth Ferguson, CDR

NSA Program Officer (Military Faculty)
Program Management
Glasgow Hall, Room 336
(831) 656-2067