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Upcoming International Graduates Recognized During Quarterly Luncheon
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

Upcoming International Graduates Recognized During Quarterly Luncheon

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

Dr. Steven R. Lerman, NPS Provost and Academic Dean, offers congratulatory remarks to the Winter Quarter's graduating international students during the quarterly International Student Luncheon in Herrmann Hall, March 16. The luncheon recognized 24 students from 14 countries in total, earning 12 degrees and 12 short course certificates.

"The notion that the Navy goes out on its own doesn't happen anymore," said Lerman. "Navy's don't fight wars, militaries fight wars. And in today's world, rarely can one country operate alone. It is crucially important that our American military officers understand how your military works, and that you come here to get a better understanding on how our military works.

"The worst blunders often happen from the misunderstandings of each other's capabilities, processes and intentions. Coming here, together, is a resource for your country and for America that cannot be easily replicated," Lerman continued.

Retired Navy Capt. Al Scott, Director of the International Graduate Programs Office, made a point to send his best wishes to a group of students missing from the quarterly luncheon. Once in relatively large numbers, NPS students from Turkey were recalled late last year following the aftermath of the failed coup attempt.

"From the entire international program, we hope they are all safe," said Scott. "We were very sad to see them go … And we hope to get back our Turkish students if their military decides to re-engage with NPS."

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