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DRMI Professor Illuminates U.S. Socioeconomic Challenges in Latest Book
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

DRMI Professor Illuminates U.S. Socioeconomic Challenges in Latest Book

By Javier Chagoya

The latest book by Defense Resources Management Institute Associate Professor Jonathan Lipow, "Survival – The Economic Foundations of American National Security," examines how threats to national security affect domestic socioeconomics, and how perceptions impact the nation's view of what constitutes good public policy.

In this 12-chapter discourse that could serve as a primer on American socioeconomic sensibilities, Lipow describes, with little economic jargon, the underpinning challenges that have shaped and reshaped U.S. economic policy.

"I have strived to avoid such mumbo jumbo in this book, and as a result, I believe that it is entirely accessible, not only to economists but to any person interested in public policy or concerned with our country's future," explained Lipow.

One of Lipow's initial discussions examines how nations can be assured its citizens will drop all self-interests in their willingness to fight and win their nation's wars. Winning is not based on individual economic interests, Lipow says, and those soldiers who take into account nuances of risk do not contribute to a winning mentality. Rather, it is the soldier who subordinates himself to his country as part of the whole organization within his squad, platoon, regiment and so on that assures its citizens are ready to fight.

"It's all about a willingness to die," Lipow says. "Individual self-interest is no way to prevail on a battlefield."

The book's examination of current U.S. socioeconomics also details policies on immigration, race relations, health care and education, and on military power and service to the nation. Lipow is a former economic consultant to Israel's Ministry of Defense, and a former combat engineer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

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